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robinhoodvids's Journal

Robin Hood (2006) Fanvids
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Welcome to Robin Hood Vids, the community for anything related to fanvids about BBC's Robin Hood.

1. No clip theft. It's really rude to dissect people's vids and use their clips for your own vid. They worked hard on getting their vids to look the way they do so just don't.
2. Keep all posts related to Robin Hood and vidding.
3. Mark your spoilers.
4. No vids that have nothing to do with Robin Hood.
5. Be nice. Feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged. Do not tell someone their vid sucked. It's just mean.
6. You CAN post vid recs, questions about vidding, reviews, song suggestions, whatever. As long as your post is related to Robin Hood and vidding then you're good.
7. YouTube liveplays are allowed just be sure to put them under a cut (they mess up some people's friends lists)
8. Please follow the posting format.
9. I'm going to be organizing the vids posted here in the community's tags to make everything easy to find so be sure to check them out.

Song Title/Vid Title: (name of the song/vid)
Artist: (artist who sings the song)
Vidder: (your username) *I know you're probably wondering why you need to type your username when I can obviously see who is posting. It's because it makes it easier to tag the entry if I can just copy-paste your username.
Character/Pairing: (whomever the vid focuses on)
Category: (examples: drama, romance, comedy, slash)
Spoilers/Warnings: (mark your spoilers for example: all of season 1, warn people of there is mature type content in your vid.)
Summary: (summary of your vid)
Link: (download/viewing link to your vid)
Notes: (anything else you want to say)



If you want to be affiliates comment on this post.

*listed at the rh_lj_guide*

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