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13 November 2011 @ 04:18 pm
Link: http://youtu.be/ti25zarYEMAThe
Title: Prophecy (No Choir)
Artist: AudioMachine
Vidder: 25djadja [Angela] - Me
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Characters/Pairing: Robin/Marian/Isabella
Clips: Season 1, 2, 3 
Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro. 9
Summary: Isabella's dream reminds Robin on Marian and he leaves Isabella alone.

General Informations:
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Clips: Seasons 1, 2 and 3
Characters: Isabella, Robin and Marian
Artist: AudioMachine
Title: The Prophecy (No Choir)
BackUP: 25xdjadjax95

About the Vidd:
1st of all, Happy Bday Irene and Jolly :DD I hope you will have (had) great bday and I hope all your wishes will come true ^^
And now, the storyline. I was rewatching RH when suddenly I saw these moments with Isabella and Robin and I start thinking about Marian, so I just had to make this. Ohh, and that part, when it says: Present and when Isabella is talking about her dream, after it, it comes black/white Robin/Marian moments and that's what Robin thinks. He thinks, he could have the same life with Marian and the part when he says: It sound almost perfect - it means that it would be perfect, only if that dream become reality with Marian!
also, I found this vidd by FairyKingdom86 [HERE] so I can say that I'm inspired by it :D x

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