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05 April 2011 @ 09:55 pm
Two New Videos.  
Hey everyone how are you doing so far? I know this was posted on my youtube account a few weeks ago and I totaly forgot to post it on here so I'm sorry.But this first video is the promo for a new robin hood collab group on youtube, We all want to keep robin hood fandom alive so enjoy and sub if you have an account on youtube we are posting videos as much as we can at least one video a month.

And speaking of videos we work on heres the very first video we've done. I think everyone did a lovely job at editing plus they're all very sweet people to work with. My part is the first twenty seconds I got sir guy =] but the base of this video is remembering the characters in the show.Also I did the watemark on this video I'm so glad that the group liked it!

Current Mood: creative