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13 November 2011 @ 04:18 pm
Link: http://youtu.be/ti25zarYEMAThe
Title: Prophecy (No Choir)
Artist: AudioMachine
Vidder: 25djadja [Angela] - Me
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Characters/Pairing: Robin/Marian/Isabella
Clips: Season 1, 2, 3 
Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro. 9
Summary: Isabella's dream reminds Robin on Marian and he leaves Isabella alone.

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05 April 2011 @ 09:55 pm
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26 November 2010 @ 07:11 pm
Video:Ursa Minor.
Fandom:Robin Hood BBC.
Song:Celldweller - Ursa Minor (Electron mix)
Summery:Just an action packed video of robin hood cast.
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09 November 2010 @ 09:37 am

Mating Rituals

The merry men boast their mating calls, ballet is performed in secret, and an aggressive display of tap dancing leaves Marian traumatized.

Wild birds strutting their stuff.
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06 November 2010 @ 03:00 pm
Song: Obsession - Innerpartysystem
Vidder: weltea
Pairing: Guy/Marian, Guy/Allan
Category: um, Drama probably. And Slash
Summary: What do I have to do to make you want to fall i love with me?
Download and Streaming at my Journal
06 August 2010 @ 05:24 pm
Hello! I hope this is allowed - it's an ad for a new Robin Hood game. Please feel free to take a peek or delete if it bothers anyone. Thanks!

Age of ValorCollapse )
25 July 2009 @ 08:21 am

Song: She's All I Ever Had
Artist: Ricky Martin
Vidder: RickiesGal (Joyce)
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Characters/Pairing: Robin/Marian
Program Used:
Windows Movie Maker
Summary: Robin sits and remembers Marian

Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuI66IWr8ao
Download here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=INWG4XQP
11 July 2009 @ 01:56 pm
Title: Sleep
Artist: My Chemical Romance (I know but give it a chance)
Vidder: aprilliä
Character: Guy
Category: Angst
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 2 & 3 clips
Summary: "For the good guys and the bad guys, For the monsters that I've been"
Link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9tr89_sleep
16 August 2008 @ 06:08 pm
Song Title/Vid Title: Jesus Christ
Artist: Brand New
Vidder: Me
Character/Pairing: Allan/Marian, Guy/Marian, Robin/Marian
Category: Drama and some Romance
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 2 finale.
Summary: Allan, Guy and Robin look back over their time spent with Marian and their role in her death.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk2SoiVlixw

There is a HQ link so please wath it in HQ.
04 August 2008 @ 08:20 pm
Song Title/Vid Title: If Everyone Cared
Artist: Nickelback
Vidder: Chrisfaithalin
Character/Pairing: Whole Gang, with some Robin/Marian
Category: Drama and some Romance
Spoilers/Warnings: Through Season 2 finale.
Summary: A general look at the show. There is no real story line but just a lot of impactful scenes. There is some Robin/Marian scenes.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23dmAWaBIzY